And now for something completely different

Sorry I haven’t posted lately.  Work and School have been a bit time-consuming the last few days, and haven’t gotten a chance to sit long enough at the computer.


I’ll get back to my feelings about the Dodgers’ Brooklyn heritage later, but I wanted to talk about how the team’s doing today.  It seems like we’ve time-warped back to the 60’s, with great pitching and a low-power offense.  I wish the offense was better, but I like what I see out of the pitching staff, except for a few bumps here and there.  At this point, I’m just hoping we can take one game from Arizona, and we’ll see if we can win a series against them next time to even things up.  With Kuroda-san pitching, I think we have a good chance today.


Okay, back to school for me, I’ll try to post something more worthwhile later tonight

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