“Joe Cool”


Got a late start on this drawing, but here it is, in honor of Joe Beimel and his close-out performance last night.  Had a longer day at work than normal, and that’s a good thing.  Have to catch up on my reading when the game’s over.  It’s hard to step away, even to eat, when it gets close like this one.

As always, these drawings are based off of pictures I have in the Dodgers calendar, program, or in articles online.  I don’t own the images or anything, just the drawings themselves as physical entities.  Not that I plan on making any money, but I would feel wrong if I didn’t point that out.  Maybe after I cut my teeth on a few more drawings, I could start attempting totally original drawings, but I’m still trying to work with proportions and stuff at this level.

Okay, back to the game.  GO DODGERS 


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