Lest We Forget…


After that last series, this is the only thing that is keeping my spirits up.  Well, that and we’re still in 1st.  Before the ARI-STL game tonight, ESPN still gave the Dodgers a 93% chance of making the playoffs.  Looking at the 3-1 ARI score now, I’m sure that number will go down.  The Dodgers will either celebrate clinching the division at the Phone Booth, or the Jints will be dancing on the shards of broken dreams.

Either way, this is the kind of stuff I live for.  Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather have the playoffs clinched a long time ago.  But it’s never that easy for the Dodgers, and this is why the Dodgers-Giants rivalry is among the most storied in sports, I can’t think of many rivalries that have crossed a continent almost intact.

So bring it on, Giants.  We’re ready, and now we’re angry too. 

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  1. mlbmark

    Hey, I really love this MLBlog and would like to tell the MLBlogs community more about it. Can you email me at mlblogosphere@yahoo.com with whatever you want to say about it, and mainly about those awesome drawings? What prompted you to create and post those? It’s really unique. Nice job. Happy to spotlight you if you want to email me there. Am going to show it to Alyssa Milano, too — she’ll get a kick out of it. Have fun!


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