L.A. Happy Kemp-ers on Opening Day


Good to get the season started on the right foot (or the left foot, depending on how you think), as the Los Angeles Dodgers get a win against San Diego, 4-1.  Great game by Hiroki Kuroda (黒戸ーさん), and Big Jon Broxton got the Save.  Loney was the catalyst, but the Dodgers got some bang for their buck by a booming straightaway centerfield HR (in Petco Park, nonetheless) by their star OFer… Matt “The Bison” Kemp! 

Kemp might be making it on Bristol’s Top 10 tonight, as he had a stellar catch in centerfield that helped seal the game for the Blue at a critical juncture.  I could tell it was a stellar catch, because Charley Steiner was yelling at the top of his lungs.  I’m a Steiner fan, definitely snaps me back in the game if I start getting distracted.  You know, by schoolwork, drawing, or anything else I should be ignoring on Opening Day.

Now a puzzling day off, then the SoCal chapter of Baseball’s Senior Circuit go at it again.  After this long offseason, though, I’m sure I can find it in me to make it though this oddly-placed day off.

(picture based on a photograph by the AP’s Lenny Ignelzi)


  1. koufax1963

    Hey Northstate (John),

    Like you I am a Dodger fan stuck in the grey area (about 15 miles from ATT), so I have to put up with jeers and sneers. Being at ground zero here has its drawbacks,but it is so nice when I go south to see a game, being with the fans. Last year I went in May to see them beat the reds after losing to the Angels (saw that to), then I went after Manny arrived in a september game vs. the gnats, what a difference in the fan response. It was electric in the stadium, havent seen the crowd that wild in a long time, Manny hit two HRs for the win. Don’t let the opposition where you live get to you, they enjoy Dodger-bashing because they don’t have much good to say about their own team. Looking forward to a good year for the Dodgers!

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