Baseball or Schoolwork? (Eenie, meenie, miney,  moe…)

The beginning of April brings two certainties to this college student: Baseball and Midterms/Papers.  Today, I’m going to try to mesh the two of them together, with a rhetorical analysis due by gametime tomorrow.  That’ll be fun.

Looking forward to today’s game.  We’re starting Randy Wolf against his previous squad.  They’re starting Chris Young, who was good last year, but Andre Ethier has owned him regardless.  We’ll see if that holds true today.

From the past blog’s comments: Koufax1963, I noticed the change in excitement after LA got Manny.  I only made one game last year, the July 30th game against the Jints, and even though it was a Dodgers-Giants game, the crowd was dead.  Only coming alive to mercilessly boo Andruw Jones.  It was Chad Billingsley’s first ever CG shutout.  And the crowd, while applauding loudly, didn’t seem like they were watching a squad 1-2 games out of 1st place at the time.

Needless to say, bringing Manny has made all the difference.  I joke to my Giants fans friends “How’d we get here?  Now SF has the stellar rotation, and LA has the LF Offense machine the rest of the league loves to boo.”

I’ll see if I can’t knock out another drawing tonight. 


  1. Dodger4life

    Keep up the good work North, both on the subject of school and baseball. Billz is going to Rock tonight.
    GO DODGERS!!!!!

  2. Lissi

    True story. It is so hard to combine baseball and school. I have a choir concert tomorrow night and we have practice tonight during the Indians game. 😦 I think I should be able to see a good amount of it. Throw that in with all of the papers and tests I have to do and I might just explode! haha 3 weeks of school left.

  3. crzblue2

    NSB! Just like many here I love seeing your drawing and reading you here and at ITD.
    In order to take Monday off I need to get some work done today for a project that I found out when I returned last Friday to work. In between I need to get my taxes done!

    Happy Easter

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