Holy Schmidt!


I did this one the night that Jason Schmidt had his stellar showing in Atlanta Friday night (as well as the next drawing I’ll post, which I worked on first, but figured I’d do this one first, since it was timely to the current situation).  I was glad to see Schmidt doing well in Blue, throwing 9 scoreless innings in three starts, though the other innings weren’t exactly the best, but I can look past that, especially if we see more of the Schmidt of Friday.

So I didn’t post anything yesterday, since they were losing.  I figured I’d post it today, and just as I put the pen to the paper to trace this drawing pre-scanning, Chad Billingsley hyperextends his knee, and the coaches and training staff surround the mound. 

Figuring I was due to jinx the team, I wanted to stop, but figured what’s wrong with inking a few lines and letting it go until tomorrow.  Bills gets out of the inning, I ink through the commercial, and when the game comes back on, I see the image of Jason Schmidt in the dugout, wearing a batting helmet.

I chuckled, thinking that Bills might talk Joe out of sitting out the game, or anything would happen to prevent Schmidt coming up (though he’s always been a decent hitting pitcher).  But, to my curious joy, Schmidt stepped up to the plate, and knocked a grounder through the second baseman and shortstop, scoring a single.  Later, he crossed the plate, collecting a run.  Not bad for someone who’s been on the shelf for two years, working his way through pain and setback after setback.

We all should hope to have the work ethic of Jason Schmidt in his attempt at a Major League comeback.  Time will tell whether we’ll see more good starts (or at bats) from him, but for now, I’m glad to have him in a Dodger uniform.  Anything helps at this point of the year, and I’m definitely not going to turn my nose up at someone who shuts out the Braves in Atlanta for 5 innings.


  1. nellyjune

    Just fabulous, and the writing isn’t bad either 🙂 Another great entry John. Glad to see you drawing again. Jason did have an incredible outing on Friday, and then to see him PH tonight was just great. I hope he keeps it up. It will make for a wonderful Dodger comeback story to go down in the history books perhaps. One can always h0pe.

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