I’ve realized I haven’t done any drawings lately… school, work, home, school, work, home, lather, rinse, repeat… All my days “off” from work are days I’m at school, and all my days “off” from school are filled with me sandwiching in my insane amount of reading.  Goethe’s 8 book epic “Wilhelm Meister’s Apprenticeship”… there’s a reason there’s no good Wikipedia articles or crib notes on this work:  I’m convinced very few have made it through it… and then there’s the Journeyman Years, which I’m glad I don’t have to read.  half of the first 50 pages are a long, drawn out sequence of him telling his lady stories of himself over 8 chapters as she smiles politely, struggling to stay awake.  I imagine Cris Collinsworth was Wilhelm Meister in a past life…

But back to the point: I’m bored with this and want to draw again, but there’s a problem: I’m uninspired as to who to draw.  There’s so many great people to choose from in the Dodgers organization, I’ve got no clue where to go.  

So I have this idea:  I’ll have a “contest”.  Whoever wins will get to choose the Dodger I draw next.  It could be a player I’ve drawn before.  It could be one I haven’t.  It could be Clayton Kershaw, Zach Wheat, Raul Mondesi, Manny Ramirez, Don Demeter, Cookie Lavagetto, Wally Moon, James Loney, Roger Owens the Peanut Guy, Nancy Bea Hefley, Hilda, Happy Felton, and anyone else who has some connection to the organization that began as the Brooklyn Base Ball Club.  

How can you win?  Well, I’ll ask a question, and the first person to email me at drinkinmercury79@aol.com with the correct answer will get to choose [NOTE: Be sure to include 1.) your answer to the question, and 2.) your MLBlogs handle or whatever you want to be known by for when I announce the winner, as I’m sure people don’t want to have their email’s floating around publicly.  This one is an AOL email I almost never use, until now.  I’ll email the winner back asking who’d they want, or you can put the requested drawing in the original email if you already know who you’d want].  I figured email would be the easiest way to hold it, since the Time Warp will make it tough to choose who was “first” if people are coming from different time stamps.  And I’m not going to sell any e-mails or anything underhanded like that, or else I’ll gladly attend a Dodgers game wearing a Giants Hat.

No promises on when it’d be completed, but I’m certain with a set goal in mind, I’ll be plenty determined to get this done within 3 days of the decision on who to draw.  

The question this time isn’t necessarily Dodger-related (can’t find any of my Dodger books at the moment, and have to head to work in an hour and 15 minutes), but it’s one that anyone with an internet connection can search for and find the answer.  Here goes:

I made a Beatles playlist recently with songs that had something in common.  When looking at a few songs from the playlist, can you guess what I had in mind when putting this playlist together? (it’s easier to find out than you’d probably think):

“I’ll Cry Instead”
“And Your Bird Can Sing”
“P.S. I Love You”
“Hold Me Tight”
“When I’m Sixty-Four”

Email your answers to drinkinmercury79@aol.com .  Happy Hunting!

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