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I’ve had this picture drawn for a while, but with homework (took me forever to get through cuckoo’s nest, and now I have to read through the end of both parts of Henry IV as well as Doctorow’s “The Book of Daniel”) I havent’ gotten around to finishing it.  It’s modeled after Dr. Dre’s album “The Chronic”, since Andre’s used Dr. Dre beats for his at-bat music the past couple of years. 

Also, I typed up a quick cover of a song by the World Class Wreckin’ Cru, the group Dr. Dre was with in the mid-80’s, back in the days when he’d perform wearing scrubs and a surgical mask and cap (which explains the “Dr.” part).  You can find the song on his retrospective album of pre-NWA stuff, “First Round Knock Out”.  Very 80’s, robot voices and record scratching, good stuff.  Two ‘Dres from L.A., just seemed to fit.  Here’s the cover, “He’s Bionic“:


He’s Bionic
He’s Bionic
He’s Bionic -onic -onic -onic Aaaah!
He’s Bionic
He’s Bionic

There’s no measure of the skills that are in ‘Dre’s hands
People ask “is he machine or man?”
If you need wins, just call on ‘Dre
People take a look, ’cause he’s your future, L.A.
When he swings the bat, you all will know
Because the baseball starts to smoke, and the stands explode
If you’re a sucka in the way, then I have a comment
Pitch around the man if you don’t like embarassment

He’s Bionic!  YES!
He’s Bionic!  SO FRESH!
He’s Bionic!  YES!
He’s Bionic!  SO FRESH!

Acquired the skill that you must learn
To be an L.A. Dodger, not an Anaheim turn
Always seen with Ethierholics by his side
With his athletic prowess, all are satisfied
His supersonic bat is his ace in the hole
Over all the top rightfielders, Andre’s in control
He operates in L.A. ’cause it’s the place to be
He’s B-I-O-N-I-C

He’s Bionic!  YES!
He’s Bionic!  SO FRESH!
He’s Bionic!  YES!
He’s Bionic!  SO FRESH!

Now as the lumber starts burnin’ and the offense explodes
The out-of-town scoreboard makes the snakes corrode
Humiliation level rises to degrees unknown
Performance overloaded and their chances are blown
Now you hear a loud thunder that vibrates the ground
‘Cause his hands are movin faster than the speed of sound
The rest of the West runs, and they try to avoid
But it’s too late ’cause the race is destroyed

He’s Bionic!  YES!
He’s Bionic!  SO FRESH!
He’s Bionic!  YES!
He’s Bionic!  SO FRESH!

He’s Bionic!


EDIT: the link color is so light, but if you click on the “He’s Bionic” title just before the song, it’ll take you to a youtube link to the song. 

Bills, Bills, Bills


Had to catch up on half of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, in the middle of reading “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” and have to start “The First Part of Richard IV” before the night’s over.  So to keep my drawing streak alive, I’ve taken an older pic of Chad Billingsley (my first of this series of Dodger drawings) and finally finished it.  I had already shaded it in on the computer, but although the colors are brighter that way, I prefer the look of it shaded in.  My girlfriend’s trying to get me to use pastels and make larger scale drawings… If I had time, I’d definitely do that. 

Dodgers beating on the Pads, Cards beating on the DBags.  I don’t wanna say much ’cause the games are still going, but I’ll let a TV theme speak for me:

Keepin’ your head above water,
Makin’ a wave when you can,
Ain’t we lucky we got ’em,

“I’ve Gotta Be Me”


Wow, actually finished one before gametime.  And today we have the Padres.  I hate the Padres, easily tied with the Giants.  Ever since I was a kid, I’ve hated ’em.  I guess it started because they’d be the team my family would go watch the most, since I have family from the Oceanside area.  We’d go as a group once a year to a Dodgers-Padres game, and as a kid, I didn’t quite grasp how anyone couldn’t be a Dodgers fan.  I guess I was drinking the Tommy Lasorda Kool-Aid. 

Maddux is pitching tonight.  The last time he faced the Padres was September 15th, 2006, and I was there, Dodgers v. Padres, Maddux v. Wells, 2nd place v. 1st place.  You could feel the electricity in the air.  In hindsight, maybe I should’ve caught the game three days later, but I haven’t regretted going to that game. 

Anyways, enough blabbing.  GO DODGERS

UPDATE: I guess I’m wrong, thought it was a 7:10 game, so I’ve missed the first 5 innings or so.  I’m glad I got it done before the end of the game. 

“O Captain, My Captain”


After I had posted my last drawing up, and the Dodgers were finding their way out of an 8 game losing streak, messagebear from the ITD blog jokingly said I’d have to keep drawing ’em.  I knew that whatever worked to end that streak, I didn’t want to change it, so here’s another one, this one of the Captain, Russell Martin. 

Drew it late last night, then inked and colored it during the game.  This time I used crayon, since it takes only 10 minutes with crayon, as opposed to 60 minutes for me using a photo editing program.  I used too light a color, but whatever.

Good to see the team keeping it up.  I’m gonna go enjoy the rest of the game.


Tex and Tatanka


So after posting that old drawing last night, I felt compelled to do another drawing, into the late hours of the night.  Then I’ve spent the past two hours coloring it in with a photo editor (The GIMP, and that’s not a Pulp Fiction reference) because I couldn’t find my colored pencils.  As much time as I’ve taken coloring it in, I’ve grown tired of getting every last white pixel, so I’ll probably color this and my Billingsley pic in later.

But while I’ve been at work, the Dodgers have been winning.  These two have had a part in it so far, Kemp coming up with a HR.  And Manny’s been slammin’ these last couple of days, getting the St. Patrick award so far. 

Now I’m gonna enjoy the rest of the game.  GO DODGERS