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“I’ve Gotta Be Me”


Wow, actually finished one before gametime.  And today we have the Padres.  I hate the Padres, easily tied with the Giants.  Ever since I was a kid, I’ve hated ’em.  I guess it started because they’d be the team my family would go watch the most, since I have family from the Oceanside area.  We’d go as a group once a year to a Dodgers-Padres game, and as a kid, I didn’t quite grasp how anyone couldn’t be a Dodgers fan.  I guess I was drinking the Tommy Lasorda Kool-Aid. 

Maddux is pitching tonight.  The last time he faced the Padres was September 15th, 2006, and I was there, Dodgers v. Padres, Maddux v. Wells, 2nd place v. 1st place.  You could feel the electricity in the air.  In hindsight, maybe I should’ve caught the game three days later, but I haven’t regretted going to that game. 

Anyways, enough blabbing.  GO DODGERS

UPDATE: I guess I’m wrong, thought it was a 7:10 game, so I’ve missed the first 5 innings or so.  I’m glad I got it done before the end of the game.