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L.A. Happy Kemp-ers on Opening Day


Good to get the season started on the right foot (or the left foot, depending on how you think), as the Los Angeles Dodgers get a win against San Diego, 4-1.  Great game by Hiroki Kuroda (黒戸ーさん), and Big Jon Broxton got the Save.  Loney was the catalyst, but the Dodgers got some bang for their buck by a booming straightaway centerfield HR (in Petco Park, nonetheless) by their star OFer… Matt “The Bison” Kemp! 

Kemp might be making it on Bristol’s Top 10 tonight, as he had a stellar catch in centerfield that helped seal the game for the Blue at a critical juncture.  I could tell it was a stellar catch, because Charley Steiner was yelling at the top of his lungs.  I’m a Steiner fan, definitely snaps me back in the game if I start getting distracted.  You know, by schoolwork, drawing, or anything else I should be ignoring on Opening Day.

Now a puzzling day off, then the SoCal chapter of Baseball’s Senior Circuit go at it again.  After this long offseason, though, I’m sure I can find it in me to make it though this oddly-placed day off.

(picture based on a photograph by the AP’s Lenny Ignelzi)

Magic Numbers

Just putting up a quick post while I run some errands and get back to the drawing board well before gametime…

The last couple of decades that the Dodgers have had, it’s strange to be on this side of the Magic Number bubble.  Even though the number is 3 (thanks to the STL RedBirds!), I remember that there’s no guarantee in that.  The Media seems to be dead convinced that the Dodgers have their ticket punched.  I’ll be convinced when it’s clinched, but that doesn’t mean I’m sweating it.  This cautious optimism is less “cautious” and more “optimistic”.

Things are definitely looking up now, though.  As George Carlin once said (as Rufus at the start of “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure”), “The air is clean, the water’s clean, even the dirt is clean.”  That’s how it feels right now.  It’s an unfamiliar feeling, and it’s tempered by remembering how competitive our division has been to begin with.  But when October comes, the slate is clean, and it’s just 3 more series to win.

Maybe 3 IS a magic number.

But last night for us commenter at the Inside the Dodgers blog, the magic number was 27.  We were talking game time, and 27 kept popping up.  It was Matt Kemp’s 24th birthday (jersey number 27), it was one of the posters’ 27th home game, 2 posters had a birthday on the 27th, and I’m 27, and I was wearing a Jimi Hendrix (27 club member, morbid, but still a 27) t-shirt that was blue, as Vin Scully entered the 2nd inning to Hendrix’s cover of  Bob Dylan’s “All Around the Watchtower” in the background. 

Either all those 27’s paid off, or baseball superstition’s made me crazy.  Either way, I enjoyed the Jimi Hendrix Experience, the Doors and Nirvana today at work (all 3 have lead singers/guitarists who are in that infamous 27 club).  Just in case…

Be back soon

Tex and Tatanka


So after posting that old drawing last night, I felt compelled to do another drawing, into the late hours of the night.  Then I’ve spent the past two hours coloring it in with a photo editor (The GIMP, and that’s not a Pulp Fiction reference) because I couldn’t find my colored pencils.  As much time as I’ve taken coloring it in, I’ve grown tired of getting every last white pixel, so I’ll probably color this and my Billingsley pic in later.

But while I’ve been at work, the Dodgers have been winning.  These two have had a part in it so far, Kemp coming up with a HR.  And Manny’s been slammin’ these last couple of days, getting the St. Patrick award so far. 

Now I’m gonna enjoy the rest of the game.  GO DODGERS