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L.A. Happy Kemp-ers on Opening Day


Good to get the season started on the right foot (or the left foot, depending on how you think), as the Los Angeles Dodgers get a win against San Diego, 4-1.  Great game by Hiroki Kuroda (黒戸ーさん), and Big Jon Broxton got the Save.  Loney was the catalyst, but the Dodgers got some bang for their buck by a booming straightaway centerfield HR (in Petco Park, nonetheless) by their star OFer… Matt “The Bison” Kemp! 

Kemp might be making it on Bristol’s Top 10 tonight, as he had a stellar catch in centerfield that helped seal the game for the Blue at a critical juncture.  I could tell it was a stellar catch, because Charley Steiner was yelling at the top of his lungs.  I’m a Steiner fan, definitely snaps me back in the game if I start getting distracted.  You know, by schoolwork, drawing, or anything else I should be ignoring on Opening Day.

Now a puzzling day off, then the SoCal chapter of Baseball’s Senior Circuit go at it again.  After this long offseason, though, I’m sure I can find it in me to make it though this oddly-placed day off.

(picture based on a photograph by the AP’s Lenny Ignelzi)

The Cellar Dwellers

Today’s the start of a big series for the Dodgers against the San Diego cellar-dwelling Padres.  It doesn’t matter what SD’s record is, though.  If they’re out of contention, they live for one thing in November: eliminating the Dodgers from Postseason contention.  They’ll be out in force tonight, going that same extra mile the Jints went in the last series to snag every ball within 7 feet of them.  In my paranoid mind, they’re confrencing with the Giants right now, comparing notes on every Dodgers player on every level of relevance.

But only one thing can be certain for now: What was once a 4 1/2 game lead is now a 2 game lead, and we have 6 to play.  Sure, we can hope the Cards will do our work for us, but if the Dodgers want to make the Postseason, now would be the time to earn it, since there is no coasting when within a week of the season’s end, and SD and SF on tap.

Will post another blog before too long…

“I’ve Gotta Be Me”


Wow, actually finished one before gametime.  And today we have the Padres.  I hate the Padres, easily tied with the Giants.  Ever since I was a kid, I’ve hated ’em.  I guess it started because they’d be the team my family would go watch the most, since I have family from the Oceanside area.  We’d go as a group once a year to a Dodgers-Padres game, and as a kid, I didn’t quite grasp how anyone couldn’t be a Dodgers fan.  I guess I was drinking the Tommy Lasorda Kool-Aid. 

Maddux is pitching tonight.  The last time he faced the Padres was September 15th, 2006, and I was there, Dodgers v. Padres, Maddux v. Wells, 2nd place v. 1st place.  You could feel the electricity in the air.  In hindsight, maybe I should’ve caught the game three days later, but I haven’t regretted going to that game. 

Anyways, enough blabbing.  GO DODGERS

UPDATE: I guess I’m wrong, thought it was a 7:10 game, so I’ve missed the first 5 innings or so.  I’m glad I got it done before the end of the game.