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Tex and Tatanka


So after posting that old drawing last night, I felt compelled to do another drawing, into the late hours of the night.  Then I’ve spent the past two hours coloring it in with a photo editor (The GIMP, and that’s not a Pulp Fiction reference) because I couldn’t find my colored pencils.  As much time as I’ve taken coloring it in, I’ve grown tired of getting every last white pixel, so I’ll probably color this and my Billingsley pic in later.

But while I’ve been at work, the Dodgers have been winning.  These two have had a part in it so far, Kemp coming up with a HR.  And Manny’s been slammin’ these last couple of days, getting the St. Patrick award so far. 

Now I’m gonna enjoy the rest of the game.  GO DODGERS